Photo gallery of wood carving works, process, tools and materials… i.e. woodcarving galleries.
Please take some time, and browse the photos of the woodcarvings created by Mr. Bogdanoski and his team at “High Hills” wood carving studio.

Woodcarving Gallery Sections

The wood carving gallery is divided into two sub-galleries: Plain and Flash.
Each of this sub-galleries consists of few parts.

I. Plain Wood Carving Gallery

Enter the desired gallery. Click on a photo. Use the keyboard arrows (left/right) or left mouse click (at photo’s left/right sides) to browse the gallery. Exit with keyboard’s ‘Esc’ key.

II. Flash Wood Carving Gallery

This gallery is obsolete.
Click the section that you want to visit (slideshow, requires Adobe Flash Player).

Coming up soon:
– Separated photos and info pages for all woodcarvings made at “High Hills” carving studio. Also, we plan to publish separated gallery for each category of carvings we produce (for example: chainsaw wood carvings, icons, mirror frames, etc).