Wood Carving Works - Photo Gallery 2

Photo gallery No. 2 of Wood Carving Works (iconostasis, wooden sculptures, chainsaw wood carving, totems, icons, company logos, souvenirs) made by “High Hills” wood carving studio.

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6 Responses to “Wood Carving Works – Photo Gallery 2”

  1. Nikola S says:

    Dobro izradjen ikonostas!!

  2. george says:

    well done . i like wood company logos : stihl and bimilk

  3. borislav says:

    dobro ti odi ova rezbarstvo
    NAPRED Makedonija !!

  4. tom says:

    nice wood carving picture gallery
    this and the others

  5. blagunja staleski says:

    solidni primeri od duborez vo makedonija

  6. laura says:

    like that STIHL carving a lot

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