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  • Vinko Bogdanoski in Reedsport at Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championships

    [Translate – Prevedi] A year after the Macedonian woodcarver Vinko Bogdanoski started to practice chainsaw carving, he decided to take part at the 13th Annual Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championships (held in Reedsport, Oregon, United States of America). During Reedsport Chainsaw Carving Competition Arriving short before the start of one of the biggest world chainsaw […]

  • Wooden Animal Sculptures, Statues, Company Logo Photos (Chainsaw Wood Carvings)

    [Translate – Prevedi] Almost a year since we started practicing chainsaw carving at High Hills studio, we made good amount of various chainsaw carvings. Some of them were big (over 200 cm in height), some smaller, however – we were excited to create wooden sculptures in this, new for us, branch of carving. As a […]

  • Wood Carving Page for Macedonian Clients at WoodCarvingMacedonia.com

    [Translate – Prevedi] Our website and its articles are written in English. However, the visitors have the opportunity to translate all posts and pages in their language. Many of our clients interested in wood carving works come from the Republic of Macedonia (Makedonija), so we decided to create a carving page just for the Macedonians. […]

  • Chainsaw Wood Carving: Wooden Sculptures, Totems and Figures

    [Translate – Prevedi] In all this years of existence, High Hills woodcarving studio had worked at various wood carving works: icons and wooden crosses, wall and stand clocks, mirror frames, souvenirs, hunting trophies, small figures and sculptures… Since May 2011 we started to practice chainsaw wood carving, i.e. creating big wooden sculptures using chain saw […]

  • Discounts for Wood Carving Works Until the End of August 2011

    [Translate – Prevedi] The team behind High Hills woodcarving studio decided to offer discounts on their wood carving works. The discounts are available for individuals who will order more than one wood carving work. Also, companies/firms/organizations who order big amount of wood carving works get solid discount. This offer is valid until the end of […]

  • Plain Photo Gallery of Wood Carving Works, Process,Tools and Materials

    [Translate – Prevedi] From the start of “Wood Carving Macedonia” website, our photo gallery operates as slideshow Flash gallery. Since some browsers, mobile devices, etc, doesn’t support Adobe’s Flash technology, we decided to build a plain photo gallery, too. Now, you can choose to browse the photos of wood carving works, process, tools and materials, […]

  • Wood Carving Articles: Useful Tips and Tricks for Wood Carvers

    [Translate – Prevedi] As in the past, we will continue to publish useful articles for wood carvers, under the name “Wood Carving Articles”. These articles are some kind of tips and tricks that help woodcarvers (beginners and veterans) on their way to build masterpieces in wood. Here are some wood carving article examples: – How […]

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