Chainsaw Wood Carving: Wooden Sculptures, Totems and Figures

Wooden bear (sculpture/statue) made through chainsaw wood carving
Wooden bear (sculpture/statue) made through chainsaw wood carving
In all this years of existence, High Hills woodcarving studio had worked at various wood carving works: icons and wooden crosses, wall and stand clocks, mirror frames, souvenirs, hunting trophies, small figures and sculptures…

Since May 2011 we started to practice chainsaw wood carving, i.e. creating big wooden sculptures using chain saw as a main tool.
Usually we use chainsaws from STIHL and Husqvarna.
So far, few sculptures were made (totems, wild animals, company logos, etc).

We noticed people are very interested in this new kind of woodcarving works we offer.
Looking forward to explore this area of chainsaw carving more deeply, and deliver many beautiful sculptures through it.





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