Wood Carving Page for Macedonian Clients at WoodCarvingMacedonia.com

Our website and its articles are written in English.
However, the visitors have the opportunity to translate all posts and pages in their language.

Many of our clients interested in wood carving works come from the Republic of Macedonia (Makedonija), so we decided to create a carving page just for the Macedonians.
At this single page at WoodCarvingMacedonia.com they can read the story behind Mr. Bogdanovski, his team, and “High Hills” woodcarving studio. Also, the wood works and services we offer, and how the customers can contact us.

The link to the Macedonian page is available in the sidebar and footer of the site.

Direct link:
Rezbarstvo, kopanicarstvo, rezba, rezbarenje, rezbarija vo Makedonija





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